New 2023 USEF Rules on Memberships and Show Passes

As of December 1, 2022, USEF's new Non Member/Show Pass rules are in effect for USEF recognized shows. Here are some highlights:

  • USEF non member fees have been replaced by a Show Pass for riders, owners, lessees.
  • Trainers and Coaches must have an active membership and CANNOT purchase Show Passes.
  • Show passes can only be purchased DIRECTLY from the USEF website. They can not be purchased from EqEntries or from Show Management.
  • Show passes can only be purchased within the 14 days before the show or day of the show (again only online)
  • Each person can only purchase a single USEF Show Pass per competition year, which allows them to compete in non-exempt classes at a SINGLE USEF recognized show. After that, they must purchase a USEF membership
More details can be found in our hopefully helpful FAQ

USEF's Show Pass FAQ also has more details

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