Entrant Instructions

  1. IMPORTANT! Click on the tabs in your Home page to add Rider(s), Horse(s), Owner(s), Trainer(s) and Coach(es), if applicable, to your account before trying to enter a show.
  2. You only need to put in each person once - just check the applicable boxes during data input for each role.
  3. Fields in red are required.
  4. Gather all scans or pictures of documents needed for your entry (ex: Vaccination records, Freestyle scores, USEF Entry Agreement, USEF Waiver/Release, Coggins)
  5. Upload these documents to your account using the “Documents” tab.
    • FILES MUST BE 2MB OR UNDER or the upload will fail.
    • Files must be a PDF, JPG, JPEG, JPE or PNG
    • Use a meaningful description for each document
  7. **Make sure pop-ups are allowed for eqentries.com and equestrianentries.com
  8. hotmail/yahoo/msn/outlook email users - please whitelist/specifically allow emails from eqentries.com and equestrianentries.com or you may not receive entry confirmation emails or password reset emails.
  9. Click 'Enter A Show or Clinic' Button.
  10. Choose a show from the list.
  11. Answer a few simple questions.
  12. On Step 6 make sure to specifically select each document you want to include with your entry.
  13. Then either print out your entry and send it in to Show Management with a check or click 'Proceed to Checkout' to pay your fees with your credit card. Once payment is complete, your entry will be automatically submitted to show management for you.
  14. You will receive a receipt by email including a copy of your entry. You will also be copied on the email we send to Show Management.


Please allow up to 24 hours for your membership numbers to be retrieved from USEF/USDF. We check every 5 minutes but it can take their systems a long time to get the information back to us - particularly during the busy show season. If your memberships are up to date and are displaying on the USEF/USDF website (www.eqverification.org) and they aren't showing up in EqEntries after 24 hours, then please contact us at helpme@eqentries.com and we will look into it and get it resolved for you as fast as possible!

Also, If you signed up or renewed your USEF/USDF/USEA memberships in the last three days, your cards and memberships may not show up on the system yet. It can take up to 72 hours for USEF/USDF/USEA to update their databases with new/renewed memberships. We pull directly from their databases. Once they update we will have your membership as we update every 5 minutes.

If you have memberships that aren't showing up yet, and you need to get an entry in, we recommend that you complete your entry, pay any non-member fees and then let the show manager know that you will bring updated cards to the show and they will provide you a refund for those non-member fees.

- Equestrian Entries