Frequently Asked Questions:

What versions of Internet Explorer (IE) do you support?

We support Internet Explorer 8 and above

My activation failed - what do I do?

Please try logging in with the credentials you created and get started. Sometimes the system gives this error even when the activation went through. If you aren't able to login - please contact us.

The system keeps kicking me out, what do I do?

If you are using Internet Explorer - there is a Microsoft bug which sometimes causes this to happen on IE. Switching to a different web browser like Firefox or Safari should solve the issue. If you can't use a different web browser, try to flush the browser cache and cookies. You can also wait about an hour and try again. Internet Explorer usually fixes itself over that period of time.

How do I handle stabling for a weekend show, that is two separate shows?

For two day shows that require separate entries, put your stabling on one of the entries. On the other, you need to say "No" to do you want stabling and on the same page down lower, say no to Groundsfee/Haul in Fee.

How do I change an entry once it's completed or submitted/paid for?

Once an entry is submitted, show management is the only one that can make changes or refunds. We do that so we aren't sending multiple versions of entries to show management - which would be very confusing. So to make any changes, you'll need to contact them directly. You can find their contact information by clicking on the show name in the show calendar.

I want to cancel my entry - how do I do this, how do I get a refund?

Once an entry is submitted and paid for you need to work directly with show manager to arrange entry cancellation. They can either refund you directly or request that we refund back to your credit card.

How do I add a horse or person to my profile?

Click on "Home" then on the appropriate tab (Rider, Horse, Owner, Trainer, Coach). Then Click on the New Rider button (or New Horse, New Coach etc). Fill out that form and save. The new person or horse will then be available for all your entries.

What is a "signature page"?

The signature page is actually the USEF official release form. The rider, owner, trainer (responsible adult) and coach if applicable need to sign this form.

Where do I get a blank"signature page"?

You can find a blank USEF release form (aka signature page) on our "Help" | "Resources" page.

Why am I being charged USEF/USDF non-member fees when I have an active membership?

Unfortunately, it can take USEF/USDF up to 72 hours to update their databases after you renew or get a new membership. We pull directly from their databases every 5 minutes or so. That means that as soon as they update we'll have your cards on file. We suggest that if you need to get your entry in before they update, go ahead and submit and pay. Then just bring your cards with you to the show when you check in. That way the show office will know to refund you those fees in full.

Why aren't my cards showing up in the system?

  • If you just signed up or renewed your USEF/USDF/USEA membership then it can take USEF/USDF up to 72 hours to update their database systems after you join or renew.
  • Even if your memberships aren't new, they can take up to 24 hours to load as the USEF/USDF sites are sometimes slow due to traffic on their sites.

Can I get a refund for non-member fees if I can show that I am a member?

Once the systems update, your entry will automatically update with your new cards. If you have paid, your total will not reflect these changes as you have already paid the original amount. If you print out and bring your cards with you to the show (or email to the show manager/secretary before the show) you should get a full refund for any non-member fees.

How Much Does Equestrian Entries Cost?

Show Management: It costs nothing for Show Management to use Equestrian Entries to process entries. This includes entries submitted and paid for by credit card. Show Management does not need a merchant account nor does Show Management pay the ~3% processing fees charged by the credit card company. Equestrian Entries handles those fees.

Entrants: There are two options for entering a show with Equestrian Entries:

         1) It costs nothing to create entry online, print it out, attach a check and snail mail it to the show.

         2) If you want to submit and pay online by credit card (and get miles/points), there is a 5% online submission fee.

           and handling. This covers our costs so we can continue to offer this service to everyone.

Why am I being charged a processing fee?

We charge a 5% online submission fees to cover our costs so we can continue to offer this service. Printing out and snail mailing your entry in is always free.

Payment Questions

1) What types of payments are accepted? Equestrian Entries fees can be paid using Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

2) Can I pay by check? Yes, Just print out your entry, attach your check to it and send it to Show Management

3) What if I need a refund?

Contact show management if you need a refund - they can then either refund to you directly or let us know that a refund is needed and we can take care of it back onto your credit card.

Why won't the system let me type in a rider/horse/owner etc when I'm signing up for a show?

You must register at least one rider, horse, owner, and trainer (remember, trainer is the responsible adult NOT the person you pay to help you with the horse) on the system, before you can enter a show.

If you try to enter a show and there are no people or horses in the pull down menus for rider/horse/owner/trainer then you need to go back to your "Home" page (upper left) and then click on each tab to get to the "register a new rider" (or horse or owner etc) button. Once you have filled out all the information for your rider/owner/horse/trainer and saved that information on the system you can enter shows. That information will be stored for use with all your future entries.

How Do I Submit My Signature Page, and Other Documents Like Coggins?

You can upload your Signature Page, Coggins, and other entry docs like test scores by clicking on the "Signatures/Coggins" Tab and click on "Upload Entry Document" and follow the instructions.

Then, during entry creation you will be prompted to attach a Signature Page, Coggins Test and/or other docs to your entry.

If you don't attach any saved Entry Docs to your entry a blank Signature Page will be added to your entry.

USEF, USDF, USEA and CDS cards are AUTOMATICALLY loaded into the system for you once you enter in your card numbers. You DO NOT need to upload these yourself.

Signature Pages: If you leave the show name on your signature page blank, you can use it for multiple shows. If you fill in the show name you can ONLY use it for that particular show.

Coggins: we suggest you put the date of your Coggins test results in the description for the file when you upload it. That way you'll easily know when the document needs updating.

Please upload each Signature page, Coggins and other documents individually, otherwise entry display and printing may be affected.

Use a good description for each document so you can easily know which document to attach to each entry.

File size for upload is limited to under 2MB and files need to be PDF's, JPG, JPEG, JPE or PNG.

Why is the system requiring me to have a Trainer? What if I don't have one?

Trainer is defined by USEF as the person 18 or over, who is responsible for the horse while it is on show grounds. A coach is the person who gets paid to help you with your horse on the show grounds. USEF requires a trainer for each entry for a USEF recognized show. A coach is not required.

I am a parent of a rider/owner and am on the entry as the "Trainer". Do I have to pay non-member fees?

As the trainer (aka responsible adult NOT the same as Coach) for a minor rider and or owner, you do not have to pay any non-member fees. Right beneath where you choose trainer for your entry (first page of the entry process), there is a question "Are you parent of rider/owner" Make sure to say "YES" to this question and you won't be charged any non-member fees.

How do I do an entry for a horse who will have two people competing it in one show?

Each rider/horse combination has to have their own entry for a show. Stabling only needs to go on one entry. On the entry without stabling make sure to choose "no" for the question on the stabling page of "Grounds Fee? (only if not stabling):"

The horse should only be charged the USEF Drug and Admin fee once. Right now the system automatically charges this fee for every entry so you will need to ask the show manager for a refund for these fees. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and will have this problem fixed very soon.

Questions About Printing

1) When I print or save my entry, the black bars around the titles of each field (Name of Horse, For Sale etc.) don't show up. How do I fix this?

In Internet Explorer browsers:
  1. Select the Tools menu.
  2. Select the Internet Options menu item.
  3. Go to the Advanced Settings tab.
  4. Check the Print Backgrounds item under Printing.

In newer Firefox browsers:
  1. Select the File menu.
  2. Select the Print menu item.
  3. Check Print Background Colors.
  4. Check Print Background Images.

In older Firefox browsers:
  1. Select the File menu.
  2. Select the Page Setup menu item.
  3. Go to the Format and Options tab.
  4. Check Print Backgrounds.

In Safari browsers:
  1. Select the File menu.
  2. Select the Print menu item.
  3. Click on the Copies & Pages drop-down box.
  4. Select Safari.
  5. Check Print Backgrounds.